Women's empowerment against sexist harassment in public space.


FPS aims to develop and strengthen self-confidence and self-concept through soft skills and Emotional Intelligence in the target group, enabling them to achieve an adequate level of empowerment and coping with situations of male harassment in public spaces..


FPS focuses on achieving learning and developing attitudes and skills of inclusion and respect for diversity. The project will work against gender stereotypes, supporting people in the acquisition and development of basic skills, to eliminate discrimination, inequality or exclusion, which women suffer in the EU due to the existence of gender roles and stereotypes

Best Practices in prevention of sexual harassment in public spaces

To raise awareness and sensitise at least 120 members of local communities in the project countries on the need to prevent and address gender-based violence in public space, understanding the mechanisms behind it.

Training system for managers

To train and empower 120 local women in emotional competencies and skills to develop coping strategies to deal with gender-based violence in public spaces, through an online training with several training modules over a period of 8 months.

Women's empowerment through soft skills toolkit

  • To provide social workers with tools for direct application to improve decision-making and other soft skills with women.
  • To train women in decision making and other related soft skills to develop their empowerment.
  • To transfer the concepts previously described in the proposal
  • To develop greater understanding and responsiveness to the importance of this issue in adolescents.
  • Avoid frustration levels in the face of a wrong choice.
  • Facilitating learning and behavioural flexibility to develop new strategies
  • Increasing awareness of the weight of decision-making in both personal and professional outcomes.
  • To increase the level of digital competence.
  • Develop a more strategic and integrated use of ICTs in education and training.