FPS is for promote social inclusion and aim at improving the outreach women with any potential source of discrimination in their personal and professional life, paying special attention to the public spaces. We understand public spaces as the setting for social interaction that brings together material and tangible functions, as it is the physical support for activities aimed at satisfying collective urban needs that transcend the limits of individual interests to become a common and collective space

Aligned with the Guide for the programme, FPS will help address the barriers faced by this group in accessing opportunities, as well as contributing to creating inclusive environments that foster equity and equality, and that are responsive to the needs of the wider community.

FPS focuses on achieving learning and developing attitudes and skills of inclusion and respect for diversity. The project will work against gender stereotypes, supporting people in the acquisition and development of basic skills, to eliminate discrimination, inequality or exclusion, which women suffer in the EU due to the existence of gender roles and stereotypes.

FPS aims to develop and strengthen self-confidence and self-concept through soft skills and Emotional Intelligence in the target group, enabling them to achieve an adequate level of empowerment and coping with situations of male harassment in public spaces..